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* Recommendation browser

This Website is Netscape Navigator Ver4.7. It recommends to use since then or Internet Exproler Ver5.0 since then.
Also, with the display of the partial contents, the Flash plug-in becomes necessary. It is not durability in the Flash plug-in. Download from here and see.

* About cookie

At the Inc. Sagamihara-mokume, it sometimes sends the information which is called cookie to the computer of the user. This information is preserved in the hard disk of the computer of the user or at the memory of it.
Because it is essential in the future to use planned high additional value service, each planned system and so on, it limits to these purposes and it uses. It infringes the privacy of the user and not having been held
In cookie from Sagamihara-mokume CO,.LTD, it is possible not to use, too, but in the case, the user becomes not able to be received *of* these service.

* About link

When hoping for the link to this site, be a trouble but inform of the meaning. When clapping on the link, look about the following matters.
· We request the end of the link of the top page. http// / (Sagamihara Mokume CO,.LTD)
· Express to be a link to this site, being clear.
· We are refusing a link in the expression way that there is possibility to cause misunderstanding as if to make display this site as the part of the frame and to be the part of the contents.

* Secret maintenance

We suppose that we have note of the administrator who becomes in the goodness good about the personal information of the user who received from the user and that we maintain the secret.

* Copyright

It supposes that the copyright of the program, the contents which we develop at the Inc. Sagamihara grain and provide and so on belongs to us. The user is supposed not to be able to do the other duplicating, alteration use except for the case where he uses for the purpose not to make public by the individual use about the information which received provision from us by him.

* Immunity from responsibility

As for the correctness of the information which is carried on this Website, it expects utter but it is not the one which bears responsibility at all about the disadvantage and the problem which occurred with use of the information on this Website.

* Temporary stopping

This service is supposed to be able to be temporarily interrupted without needing a preliminary notice or consent to the user by us when we judges that it corresponds the following which to be.
(1) When doing a maintenance by the trouble of the facilities which are necessary to provide this service and so on
(2) When it isn't possible to do the provision of this service by the act of God
(3) Besides, it is in the reason in case of management or technology when unavoidable. This service is supposed to be able to be temporarily interrupted to the user on the preliminary notice to do the fixed period maintenance of the facilities which are necessary to provide this service in addition to above-mentioned by us.

* Link to 3rd person site

A link (hereinafter, are called "the site of the end of the link") to the other web site is included in this site. The Inc. Sagamihara grain of "the site of the end of the link" not being under the management of the Inc. Sagamihara grain It is not the one which bears responsibility about the change or the update of the contents (containing the link which is contained in "the site of the end of the link" but not being limited to them) or "the site of the end of the link" in any "the site of the end of the link".

* Change of this use condition

We is supposed to be able to do the addition or the change of the new regulation to this use condition without needing consent to the user by us. Incidentally, it supposes that it composes the part of this use condition about the regulation which is additional newly and is changed, too.
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