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The Top-< production

It responds to the needs by the cooperation of each department.


* Experimental section

The industrial design model's production. 
Optical forming model, mock-up, and working model from three dimension data. 
Working model by NC processing. 
From the silicon type to the note type goods, painting, and the silk print. 

* Mold section

Injection precise metal mold
Type design and production of (It is possible to produce it with three dimension data). 
Type design and production of low cost metal mold. 

* Formation section

It corresponds from the diverse-types-and-small-quantity production to 30ton-850ton to mass production. 
For insert and construction itAround-the-clock. 
For thickness meat construction it
It is possible to correspond from commodity plastics to the engineering plastic resin. 
UL recognition factory ・・・ File No and E216270

* Coat cection

Plastic painting whole, robot painting, and Mitibiden painting
Silk print and putt print. 
UL recognition factory ・・・ File No and E216671

* Processing and assembly department

The second processing of goods of construction it (Outosart and welding, etc.) and subassemblies.

Present when outflow to foreign countries becomes flow in age diverse-types-and-small-quantity production in the country 
Correspondence will be promptly caught, and we answer needs of the small lot construction


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